Custom Blends

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 Our needs are all as varied and individual as we are.  That’s why we desire to offer you a customized blend made to suit your need(s).  We are not making a diagnosis because we are not qualified physicians with the license to do so…we are not permitted by law to offer treatment…but based on experience and testimonies from others and what they say has helped them…we would like to offer you the ability to have a customized blend made "just for you."  


So, if you don’t see anything that is already available that you want…drop us an email and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.  We do have the ability to modify and create a blend to suit your need(s). 


All customized blends will be offered in either 5ml or 15ml sized bottles with dropper tops or personal aromatherapy inhalers.  The prices will vary depending upon the oils used.  All customized blends must be paid for before they will be made and shipped.  Customized blends will not have the same turn-around time as the other oils and blends that are being offered on our site because it requires individual attention. 


Consult your competent practitioner for all issues related to your own personal health. The information on this page and this site has not been evaluated by the FDA. It relates to historical application of essential oils and should not be construed as claims or medical advice.





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 Photo courtesy of Rick Creech

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