Essential Oil Catalogue

It is my opinion that the fresher the oil the better.  I, nor any other seller of essentials oils, can tell how long the essential oils have been collected and sat before they are shipped to us.  However, I would rather think the more often I order the fresher it will be.  Because the price of these essential plant essences are sometimes quite expensive and my opinion of “fresh is best” I have chose to sell my blends in 15 ml bottles and my pure oils in either 5ml or 5/8 dram bottles.  This makes them affordable for nearly anyone desiring to try them and keep a fresh supply on hand.  Also it is important to note that essential oils are not *one oil fits all.....what works for one may not work for why purchase a large quanity of something so expensive if it isn't going to work for you.  Purhcase the smaller sizes when unsure.....test them and see if they work for you.....this just makes sense and is exercising good wisdom not only health wise but on your budget as well!

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