Hydrion 93 S/R Insta-Check pH Test Paper Dispenser - Level 0-13


Designed for general purpose testing, Hydrion 93 S/R Insta-Check pH paper offers quick and easy pH level testing! These paper strips have a distinct color match at each full pH unit, making it easy for the user to identify the correct pH level. Simply tear off a small strip of pH paper, dip into the test solution, then instantly compare the resulting color with the matching pH color chart. The paper is held in a convenient, plastic dispensing container.

Hydrion Insta-Check offers the widest test range available in a single paper, with level 0.0-13.0 testing. Its distinct color chart and accurate, reproducible readings give an immediate response for quick and easy use. This general use paper can be used for a variety of applications, including: Food Service, Industrial Testing, Safety Testing, Emergency Testing, Agricultural Testing, Classroom Demonstrations, and Hospital and General Laboratories.  Can be used to test both urine and saliva.

Includes (1) 15-foot roll of test paper and matching color chart. Provides for approximately 100 tests.

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What are we eating?  What are we drinking?  What are we thinking?  When we become too acidic we begin to die......our ph like the ocean was set at a certain rate to maintain life......and not just life.....but the quality of life!

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