The Cleveland Clinic (4th best hospital in the world according to US News & World Report) uses aromotherapy!    


Used for thousands of years in countries such as India and Egypt, aromatherapy has many adherents who say the concentrated oils extracted from flowers improve health and emotional well-being, according to the Cleveland Clinic.


So, if this world renowned hospital realizes and utilizes the benefits of essential oils, shouldn't we?


Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

Just before Christmas 1999, my mother was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  It was in a secondary stage, indicating that it was no longer localized, so she and my father opted for surgery and chemotherapy.

Normalizing white blood count:

Several times while on chemo, my mother's white blood count dropped dangerously low.  She was having her blood tested every day, with the doctor's standing order that, if her fever should rise above 100 degrees, she was to get to the emergency room.


At one point, after testing her blood again, the doctor said that, if her white blood count was no better in the morning, she would have to check back into the hospital.  Hoping to avoid that, we applied frankincense along her spine (about six drops on each side) and massaged it in, using a modified RainDrop.

When the doctor re-tested her blood the next day, her white count was normal.

We repeated this about three times before we started using the frankincense on her on an on-going basis.

Help for chemo-induced fevers:

Along with the problems with her white blood count, my mother also ran a low-grade fever most of the time she was on chemo.  By applying peppermint oil on the bottoms of her feet and the back of her neck, she was able to obtain a considerable amount of relief.

Chemo-induced hair loss:

And, of course, with the chemo, my mother lost all of her hair.  But, she continued to apply lavender oil on her scalp, even before she got off the chemo, and her hair has grown back with remarkable speed (so say her doctor and beautician) and thicker than it had ever been before.

Detoxification after chemo:

Chemo is a horribly violent thing to have gone through.  Not only does it challenge your life while on it, it can have devastating long-term effects.  My mother was able to avoid much of that by detoxifying her liver.  We hadn't heard of the liver cleansing program yet, so she took Milk thistle and made regular use of peppermint oil and the liver opening blend.


In general, my mother's doctors were amazed at how well she did on chemo, and how quickly she was able to recover.  Six years later — at 79 years of age — she goes to the gym three times a week and keeps up a pretty active schedule from day-to-day.

Update on Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma

Around Thanksgiving 2009, my mom was again diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  A PET Scan showed three distinct areas of cancer.  As she was shuttling from one doctor to another, we got her started on a nutritional program that we felt would be helpful.  She was already taking her Nutrilite Double X, but she started taking extra vitamins E, C and A.  She also started taking a therapeutic mushroom complex.  But we also started her on ingestion of some essential oils.

We put about 5 drops each of frankincense, myrrh and wild orange. into capsules, and my mom took one capsule, twice a day.


After a couple of months, another PET Scan was done.  It showed that two of the carcerous areas were totally clear, and the third was onsiderably smaller than before.  By this summer, she was declared cancer-free.


Osteo Arthritis, Surgeon Suggesting Knee Replacement!

You asked what to do to rebuild cartilage in one's knee. I can give you a personal testimony that may help. Some 35 years ago I severely twisted my knee in an accident. It hurt for ten years. I didn't think it would ever heal, but it did. Then I passed the age of 60. About four years ago the knee started developing osteo arthritis. It gradually got worse and worse. It hurt with every step and ached at night. I was using hot packs and cold packs and pillows under the leg and whatever just to get some sleep during the night. I developed a limp. I could walk with pain, but I could not run or jump at all without the knee swelling up and getting really painful. A physician told me that only a knee replacement could correct the problem. I said, no thanks. There has to be a better way. Although I had been using oils for about a year and a half, for some reason it had not occurred to me that they might be the answer. Some of us, like myself, are slow to realize the power we have in these oils and suffer for some time before we realize we have the cure in our hands.

In January of 2001 the light went on in my brain and I decided to try the oils. I took Cypress, Wintergreen and PanAway, two or three drops of each and mixed them in the palm of my hand. I anointed my knee and did VitaFlex all over my knee joint for a minute or two. I did this morning and evening. In two months my knee was healed. That was over a year ago. I can now run and jump and walk and bend my knee without pain. It is healed. I have not needed to use any oils since except once in a while when I overdo myself and put a strain on the knee. Then I do one or two applications of the Cypress and Wintergreen and that's it. That has happened only three or four times in the last year.

Other than that, no further therapy has been necessary. In February of this year I was in Taiwan for a month where we walked 3-5 miles every day, climbing mountains, jumping off of rocks and walking the streets and markets of the cities. I was able to run and hike and keep up with everyone, virtually all of them were considerably younger than I am. At one point, we almost missed our train and had to run for four blocks carrying luggage to just barely get there. But my knee never got sore or hurt in doing that. Two years ago I could not possibly have done that. Whatever cartilage deterioration had taken place during the 1-2 years the knee was hurting and causing me such difficulty seems to have been repaired. Apparently the oils corrected what misinformation had been coded into the DNA of the cells of my knee tissues so that the cells now regenerated as normal and healthy. The healing is permanent.

David Stewart, Ph.D. 
Executive Director Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education



Restoration of Hearing

"When I first heard about essential oils, I more-or-less discounted them.  But, as I became aware that many of them are mentioned in the Bible, I decided to withhold my opinion until I knew more about them.

"I have a hearing problem.  Even hearing aids don't help me to distinguish the words my minister is saying at church, or those of my family around the dinner table.

"My grandson bought me two therapeutic-quality eseential oils: helichrysum, to put on my ear (external only); and Balance, (we @ Bishop's select essentials have our balancing oil blend of Ho wood, Tansy Blue, Spruce & Frankincense) to rub on the bottom of my feet.  I did as instructed, just to please my grandson.

"But after about four days, I thought I was hearing better, but wasn't sure of it.  After a week, there was no doubt about it.  I was able to hear the minister, and take part in conversations where only one person was speaking at a time.

"Also, for the first time in several years, I was able to hear the birds singing outside the house.  It was so wonderful hearing them sing.

"If rubbing a drop of oil on the back of your ear and on the bottom of your feet sounds ridiculous in helping a hearing problem, remember that God provided the oils to keep us healthy, and because of Him, they do accomplish wonders."

Marian Wallace
La Canada, CA


(At age 81, Marian was still going strong, tending to her garden.)


  • Frankincense. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem determined that frankincense smoke relieves depression and anxiety in mice. They found that the incensole acetate is responsible for the effects. They found that incensole acetate is a potent TRPV3 agonist that causes anti-anxiety and antidepressive-like behavioral effects. The results imply that TRPV3 channels in the brain may play a role in emotional regulation. (Moussaieff)

    Frankincense has also proven effective to reduce pain, anxiety and depression when massaged into hospice patients with terminal cancer. (Chang)

Essential oils used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections

 Printed from Reuters Health

Posted by Mike Miller on Oct 1


A pair of orthopedic surgeons report that two essential oils—eucalyptus and tea-tree oil—are surprisingly effective at treating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections.

Despite the positive findings, though, others say it is too soon to consider such oils an alternative to antibiotics.

The researchers presented their findings at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.


Dr. Eugene Sherry of the University of Sydney in Australia said that, applied to the skin of infected wounds an antibacterial wash derived from Eucalyptus Radiata and Melaleuca alternifolia—better known as eucalyptus and tea-tree oil—can work when modern antibiotics fail.


Essential oils like these are mostly used in aromatherapy, Sherry noted.


He said that he used the combination “once a day for several months” in a series of 25 patients with MRSA.

“Twenty-two of the infections resolved completely,” Sherry reported. In 19 patients, the infections resolved without the use of antibiotics, while three patients required antibiotic treatment, he said.


Before Sherry applied the solution, he removed dead skin and infected tissue from the wound, a process called debridement. Sixteen of the infections involved the bone and three had spread to muscle.

In addition, 10 of the patients were diabetic, which “makes healing of wounds very difficult,” Sherry said in an interview with Reuters Health.


Two years ago, Sherry attended a presentation about the antibacterial properties of essential oils and decided to research the subject. He said that he discovered a wealth of 50-year-old research concerning essential oils, but said “all that research was abandoned when modern science discovered antibiotics.”


When Sherry decided to initiate a trial of eucalyptus and tea-tree oil in MRSA patients, he discovered that Dr. Patrick H. Warnke, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Kiel in Germany, was pursuing a parallel study. So the two combined their work to produce the 25-patient MRSA study.


Warnke said they are now studying an aerosolized version of the compound in laboratory studies of tuberculosis. When they sprayed the compound on tuberculosis cultures “we wiped out TB, killed it, in 40 minutes. No antibiotic does that,” Warnke told Reuters Health.


Both doctors said that they have received no funding from the makers of the essential oils, nor do they have financial interests in companies producing the substances.


Dr. Harris Gellman, professor of medicine at the University of Miami and a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, said the new study is “interesting and exciting,” but the treatment is nowhere near ready for prime time.


Gellman pointed out that although the results are positive, the authors have not provided enough information. For example, he said, the information about the site of the infection, duration before the essential oils treatment, and comparison to a “control” group are all missing from the study.


The bottom line, Gellman said, is that “we don’t know if these patients would have recovered irrespective of treatment.”

But even with those caveats, Gellman said he is pleased that orthopaedic surgeons are “finally going back” to evaluate traditional therapies for infection.


“Most medicinals come from plants,” he noted, “so the natural progression is to look to more plants for more treatments.”


This Essential Oil Has Recently Been Proven To Kill Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer

  This Essential Oil Has Recently Been Proven To Kill Lung, Oral and Ovarian Cancer.   Thyme Studies have found that the super herb thyme essential oil potently kills lung and breast cancer cells. The essential oil of common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) which is usually known as “oil of thyme” contains 20-54% thymol.  Thymol belongs to a naturally occurring class of compounds known as “biocides.”  Biocides are substances that can destroy harmful organisms.



When thymus is used alongside other biocides, such as carvacrol (the active ingredient of  Oregano), it has strong anti-microbial attributes. Scientists tested thyme for its anti-bacterial activities in vitro toxicology against three human cancer cell lines. What they found is that thyme kills lung cancer cells, oral and ovarian cancer (i).


Thyme is a native to the Mediterranean, and was originally given the name “thyme” in Greece, they still use it in their cooking mixed with olive oil. Oil from the common herb thyme was discovered to kill up to 97% of human lung cancer cells. Recent research has shown that if you mix thyme and olive oil it will enhance the availability of hydroxytyrosol, olive oil’s most potent anti-cancer compound. Could this be the reason why Greeks have about half the rate of cancer compared to the rest of USA and Europe?


Thyme essential oil, has also been used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine due to its strong antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal (killing yeast like Candida) properties. Also, oncologist researchers at Celal Bayar University in Turkey carried out a study to find what effect Wild Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) might have on breast cancer cells. They looked at the effects of Wild Thyme on cell death and epigenetic events in breast cancer cells. Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression caused by mechanisms that do not involve alterations in DNA sequence.


They reported in the journal Nutrition and Cancer that Wild Thyme caused cell death in the breast cancer cells. The study authors concluded that Wild Thyme “may be a promising candidate in the development of novel therapeutic drugs for breast cancer treatment.” (ii) Check out the video below and learn – Thyme Essential oil – distillation self produced Fresh thyme also makes a great addition to a healthy diet focused on organic fruits, vegetables and whole foods and can be used as a herb in cooking or simply prepared as a tea.


References: (i) ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (ii) Effects of Thymus serpyllum Extract on Cell Proliferation, Apoptosis and Epigenetic Events in Human Breast Cancer Cells Thank you for reading this article, if you found it interesting please share with family and friends by hitting the share links below. source: www.naturalcuresnotmedicine.com 




  August 20, 2014



I will try to be brief with background information, but what my husband has gone through to where he is today is so important.  Several years ago, he began suffering severe back problems, some due to injuries he had sustained in his work - others a result of the sciatic nerve being smashed by the large, continuous muscle spasms.  He was 65 when this really started getting bad.  Because there are medical doctors in the family, he went that route - “Back pain, OK, take these pills, muscle relaxants and pain meds”.  Ok, “intestines messed up, take these pills” - “tremors, loss of balance, take these pills”, and on and on it went.  “No improvement, lets do some tests…..  ok, you have degenerative spine disease which is incurable - just keep taking pills”.  The side effects of each medication kept causing more and more problems - he was practically bed ridden, still in pain, digestive system shutting down, depression and lots more, not to mention the expense!  After researching all of these pharmaceutical “poisons”, we realized our costly error.  I prayed for him and we threw all of the medicines in the trash.


At this point, we realized that there were natural remedies for his problems.  Also, that he did not have degenerative spine disease in the first place - just severe back spasms and sciatic nerve damage.  So we proceeded with various natural ointments and treatments with some relief.  It took quite a while for the toxic pharmaceuticals to be cleansed from his system, and he took natural remedies to help with that too.


But he still had episodes of spasms and severe pain.  When my dear friend Patty Bishop told me about her desire to offer the top-of-the-line, pure essential oils, I was excited to see if they could help my husband.  She immediately asked me to give her his symptoms, plus any other pertinent health information, which I did.  The diligence that she used in praying, studying and preparing a number of recipes was truly impressive.  Anyone can sell essential oils and anyone can have varying success with their use - BUT, I have never known anyone so dedicated, so in tune with the Holy Spirit of God, who leads and guides in all things that He has created for our benefit, as Patty Bishop.  


Patty offered no diagnosis but needed to know what the doctors diagnosis was.  She then got busy blending oils based on her knowledge, personal as well as other's experiences and testominies, scientific research in many cases and documented proof in the areas that my husband was offering his cheif complaints.  Not being a licensed Physician she is unable to diagnose, treat or cure.  She stress to us the importance of us educating ourselves in these oils and knowing how they could interact with mediations including over-the-counter medications, herbs and vitamins.  She also said that if you have a food allergy to something, you will have the same allergy to its essential oil.  


Having said that....


We received our oils last Saturday - this is Wednesday - my husband, (who is now 70 years old) - has NO knots or spasms in his back - he has regained feeling in his lower legs - the aching and tingling and all of the other symptoms of sciatic nerve damage have almost all gone away!  Praise God!  We will continue with the oils knowing that God is working, His precious essential oils are working, and all glory and honor go to HIM!  Patty included some other oils for relaxation, headaches, stress relief, and immune boost, which I am so thankful to have.  I also had a problem with restless leg syndrome, especially in my right leg, which made it difficult to get comfortable sleeping.  I couldn’t lay on my right side - after two applications of an essential oil treatment, all those symptoms are GONE, and I mean GONE - and I sleep straight through the night - again, Praise God.  And I thank HIM for bringing this wonderful knowledge and ability to hear His Voice and Directions to my dearest sister, Patty.  “There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death” - There is the pharmaceutical/medical profession way, which leads to bondage, toxins, dependence, poverty, and more illness - and there is GOD’s way, which leads to life and light and healing!  Thank You LORD for YOUR marvelous natural creations which You have given for Your glory and our benefit.


M.F. Rodriguez

China, Mexico




Stress, Anxiety & Headache Relief

I have to say that I have been using the essential oils for nearly a year now and I could not be more pleased with the results that I have achieved and continue to do so.  I use Bishop's Select Essentials Ylang Ylang, lavender, and peppermint oils.  I find them to be a very high quality and pure as one would expect.

Last fall our family suffered the passing of a close loved one. During that time I was under an enormous amount of stress. This resulted in my heart palpitating.  When this would happen, I would apply the Ylang Ylang and it would almost instantly stop the palpitations and help me to relax.  I also struggle with severe sinus headaches all throughout the year.  When I feel a headache coming on, or even if I have a full-blown migraine, I am able to layer the lavender and peppermint oils and get relief. 

I prefer to use natural remedies over that of the pharmaceutical and drug companies.  I have been amazed at the results that I have seen and have personally achieved with using these essential oils with virtually no side effects!   I would recommend them to everyone.

H.C. Sevierville, TN


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